Guest house services

Wolverine guest house is based on private vacation house and several tourist cabins and cottage; is specially designed as a transit accommodation facility for adventure tourists.

We offer our guests nine twin rooms with 3 shared bathrooms, three tourist cabins with panoramic view to volcanoes, 1 cottage with sauna and barbeque.


Tourist cabin with panoramic view over 5 volcanoes


4500 rubles

3 persons

5000 rubles

4 persons

6000 rubles

Cottage with sauna and barbeque

4-5 persons

8000 rubles

6-7 persons

10000 rubles

8 persons

12000 rubles

Guest house (shared bathroom, two people in the room)

Tourist price per person

1100 rubles

Social price per person

800 rubles


To order services you can send us your inquery via e-mail:


Accomodation discounts 10%